These days, many folks do Internet research for reviews and information on a hot tub or swim spa before checking it out in the showroom. Premium Wholesale is happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. Once you’re ready to see the products in person, call us to make an appointment in our showroom.

Keep in mind that the buying process differs between a swim spa and a hot tub. There are several factors that go into choosing the best swim spa for your needs — swim currents, model sizes, features and price ranges. Between deciding which model and features and the installation requirements, the process can take from one month to a year. To give you a better idea of what to expect, the following is a breakdown of the swim spa buying process:

  • You contact via our website, email or phone with a swim spa inquiry.
  • We will reach out with brochures and initial information.
  • After you’ve reviewed all of our materials and had questions answered, the next step is to schedule a swim test of the models you are interested in.
  • Once you narrow it down to a few choice swim spa models, we’ll provide you with pricing quotes, owners manuals and warranty information for each.
  • You decide which swim spa you want.
  • We’ll provide you with information on all the extras: cover lifts, accessories, special pricing incentives and financing options.
  • We’ll conduct a yard visit to help you determine which swim spas will fit best and what preparations need to be made for installation, including the contractor checklist. We’ll also provide you with a quote for the swim spa, delivery and installation.
  • The contract is signed and down payment is due.
  • We’ll order the swim spa while you prepare your backyard for installation, including landscaping, electrical and plumbing.
  • Your swim spa will be delivered 4-6 weeks after ordering, depending on the season, available stock, and when your yard is ready.