How can I get prices on spas or swim spas?

Per manufacturer requirements, we cannot publish our prices online. Please call one of our locations to get pricing information on the models you’re interested in. Pricing does vary depending on manufacturer rebates, model years in stock and other specials. We can certainly help you find a hot tub that fits both your needs and your budget.

What surface do I need to put my spa on?

Your hot tub or swim spa must be on a sturdy, level surface. A concrete pad is most commonly used, but decks, landscaping timbers, patio stones and pea gravel are also viable options. If you’re uncertain, schedule a yard visit with us and we’ll help you determine the best option for the space you have available in your yard and your budget.

How much will it cost to run my hot tub every month?

All Master Spa hot tubs are made with Canadian Made Icynene Insulating Foam, providing maximum energy efficiency for the life of your spa because the R-value of the foam does not deteriorate over time. On average, about $15-$30 of your monthly utility bill can be attributed to your hot tub.

How long does it take to receive a hot tub or swim spa after placing an order?

Delivery of your spa depends upon several factors: what spas we have in stock, when the landscaping of your yard is complete and ready for installation, and the time of year. Generally, you’ll have your hot tub or swim spa in 4-6 weeks, though sooner is possible.