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ENERGY EFFICIENT: Master Spas builds our swim spas to be used year-round in every possible climate. Environmentally-friendly Icynene foam insulation makes H2X Swim Spas by Master Spas among the most energy efficient swim spas in the industry.

Every swim spa is built to not only meet but to exceed the stringent California Energy Commission (CEC) efficiency regulations. All resulting in what really matters — a superior swim spa experience and savings for you and your monthly utility bill.

  • Icynene Foam retains its insulating value for the life of the product unlike Urethane based foam that can lose 50% of its insulating value within two years
  • Icynene does not produce any harmful off-gas
  • Icynene is mold and mildew resistant
  • Icynene is the only insulating material certified by the Envirodesic Certification Program for healthier air quality
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CLEAN PURE WATER: You want to spend your time enjoying your spa, not worrying about water care. So we created EcoPur® Charge Master Core Technology – an exclusive filtration system that makes maintaining your hot tub’s water easier. Using the same multi-stage filtration techniques as Mother Nature, EcoPur Charge relies on a unique blend of copper and zinc to create an electro-chemical reaction that eliminates many micro-organisms and removes heavy metals. Best of all, it is designed so your spa can be ready to use at any time, with minimal amounts of water maintenance, so you can simply relax.

Using EcoPur® Charge filtration reduces the amount of chemicals needed, saving you money each month and safeguarding your investment by protecting the swim spa’s plumbing and equipment against the corrosive effects of chlorine.

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The new EcoPur® Charge is made from Master Spas' patented filtration fabric. With this design, the fabric is wound tightly into a nautilus master core, creating a catalytic cell. The nautilus fabric cell is encased by a unique "spring core" that allows for maximum water flow and water "charging". As the swim spa water comes in contact with the EcoPur® Charge master core, a chemical reaction causes zinc and copper hydroxides to form in controlled amounts. Like Mother Nature, when controlled releases of copper and zinc oxides are carried into the filtered swim spa water, they kill bacteria and create a hostile environment for algae and fungal growth.

The water is also absorbing the special blend of minerals, including copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn), which create an electro-chemical reaction that eliminates most microorganisms and removes heavy metals from the water, resulting in sparkling water that feels softer and doesn’t have the harsh chemical smells associated with normal systems.

Ozone System: Every H2X Swim Spa by Master Spas also features an advanced Ozone system that kills pathogens and microorganisms, destroys organic materials, and oxidizes non-organic contaminants to keep your water clean and refreshing every time you use your swim spa.

Mast3rPur™ Water Management System: CLICK HERE.

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AXIS COVER SYSTEM: Master Spas swim spas just got easier to use! The new Axis Cover System makes it simple for almost anyone to handle their swim spa cover.

No more struggling with your existing cover. The rolling technology of the Axis Cover is easy to use, looks great, and is made with premium materials to last a long time. Contact your dealer for more information.

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FAMILY FUN: When afternoon rolls around, it is time to turn up the fun and enjoy the H2X with your kids or friends, because as remarkable as the H2X is for fitness, we also designed it to be the perfect backyard fun center, year-round.

Regularly-sized swim spas are great for relaxation, but the larger H2X models provide the size needed for more fun with more people. The extra length of the H2X provides enough space for children or grandchildren to play and release energy, while you relax within the cocoon of the therapeutic jets.

All H2X swim spas are ideal for year-round enjoyment and learning. Children can learn how to swim for the very first time in a very safe and controlled environment where they feel comfortable and at ease. Installation takes only one day, but the enjoyment will last a lifetime!

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